Designed for kids aged 5 to 12, Live Love Learn after-school art classes will feed your child’s imagination in a safe, creative, fun environment.

Our 1.15 hour after-school art classes are facilitated by our experienced teachers and artists who will ensure your children learn, grow and explore their creativity at their own pace in a supervised setting.

Live Love Learn is a well-known and much loved center for after school activities for kids. Out of all the activities that we do with the children, the artmaking is usually the most popular. Children love to play with colour and express their creativity. Not only are colours fun, they also hold a deep significance in life, particularly for children. Our choice of colours define our moods, feelings, emotions and our personalities. Kids tend to reach out for brighter colours and a greater variety of colour. At Live Love Learn, we encourage playing with colour in our after school art classes for kids.

At Live Love Learn we have a team of highly experienced teachers, artists and care givers. All of us work together to provide a holistic environment for every child in each of our after school activities for kids. In our art classes, we have artists who have experience with children between the ages of 5 and 11. They work according to their maturity level and also help to shape their imagination and guide them in artmaking.

In our after school art classes for kids, our activities cover different aspects of art and creativity that appeal to kids. From sketching to shading, from water colors to oil paints, from paper Mache to origami, we have everything covered. We also include other fun stuff like glass painting, fun with clay and ceramics so that your child is exposed to different forms of art.

If your child is facing a problem with academics or is experiencing a difficult learning period, if you are concerned about their lack of focus in their activities or even a speech problem, we suggest  you talk to us and get your child enrolled in one of our after school activities for kids.

At Live Love Learn, our art classes are so much fun that the kids are hooked! We’ve had a lot of positive comments from parents concerned about their children’s addiction to TV, video games, junk food and other unhealthy habits. With their children attending Live Love Learn after school activities for kids, they are very happy to see their kids getting attached to healthy hobbies and better forms of entertainment, helping them to develop into better individuals with focus and improved social skills.


Tuesdays      3:45pm to 5:00pm. We pick up the children after school at 3.15pm

Bellevue Hill Public School, Bellevue Hill
Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill

Thursdays      3:45pm to 5:00pm. We pick up the children after school at 3.15pm

Bellevue Hill Public School, Bellevue Hill
Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill

TERM 4 | 2016 DATES

Bellevue Hill | Bellevue Hill PS


Tuesday 18 October to Tuesday 13 December 2016

Thursday 13 October to Thursday 15 December 2016

Cost including materials:       $280

$30 per casual class

Sibling Discount 15% off the second person’s fee