LLL_July_2019_marketing_Chiharu Ito


Chiharu was born in Japan and has been teaching since 1997. She has a Bachelor’s of Education (Japanese primary teaching qualification). She also studied in the UK and has a diploma of Early Childhood Education, and has been working as a Teaching Assistant at international schools in Tokyo, Japan. From 2013 to 2018, she worked at Live Love Learn and together with Tracey taught many little artists. She also worked at a local preschool in the Eastern Suburbs.

In her 20s, Chiharu travelled around the world exploring herself and became a trapeze artist, which made her believe in herself. Chiharu thinks everyone has the power to become who she/he wants to be! This belief has been an anchor for her life ever since. As a surfer she loves the ocean more than anything except children!


Why do you do what you do?

I surf because I love being in the ocean and feel the freedom. It is like  meditating in action, very much like Zen practice that I love. I am a wire artist to be creative myself and express what I see and what I feel into my own work. I work as a teacher for little people who bring me joy and teach me what every adult should be.

What message/intention do you want to leave in our world?

Art is all around us and in us. We just need to take a moment to notice it in our busy lives, feed our souls with it and let our world be filled with joy.

What modalities do you express yourself with?

My favourite creative medium is wire art. Being Japanese I enjoy the simplicity of the line and form created with the wire. I use special Bonsai wire to create installations that come to life. I enjoy how the reflections and shadows become part of the artwork.

What experience do you have with the arts? eg art classes, hobbies and interest?

I grew up and learned Art in a very structured and controlled environment in Japan when I was young, which was very frustrating but this influence has assisted me in how I facilitate and create my artworks. Then later on I was exposed to a Western teaching style at international schools where I learned the importance of nurturing young children’s curiosity and creativity. Having worked at Live Love Learn made me believe in playing with coincidences, letting inspiration and creativity rock you on the waves that come and go, leading you to shores you didn’t know existed in you.