Live Love Learn organizes school holiday workshops for children between the ages of 5 to 12 in order to boost their creativity, shape their imagination, help them develop their own individuality and learn good social skills.

In these holiday workshops for kids, we let young minds and imaginations run wild. So many different forms of artmaking come under the one roof. We have a very experienced team who supervise and guide the children. The staff consists of teachers who are very caring and loving towards kids, artists who love to work with and have experience with children, and care giving staff who take care of the kids at every step.

In today’s times, every parent understands the importance of art and craft activities and other extra-curricular programs for their children. They look out for the best classes and workshops to send their children to.  Live Love Learn understands this need and provides exactly what the modern parent needs: school holiday workshops for kids.

In these workshops, we inspire holistic learning for your kids. While our classes might look messy, all this experimentation does have a purpose! We encourage children to understand the importance of friendship and sharing, as well as interacting with others. Children learn focus and persistence almost without any conscious awareness, purely through the act of making art.

Our holiday workshops for kids are run from 9 am to 3.15 pm at our convenient location – Bellevue Hill PS, Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill.

To get in touch with us, you can contact Tracey Hayim on 0421 088 144 or email her at

In our holiday workshops for kids, we maintain close supervision of the kids and guide them as and when required. But that does not mean we stop them from having fun, and we believe that if there is no mess, there is no fun! So expect a lot of messing around with colors and different materials and we suggest you dress your kids in some old clothes.

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