About Live Love Learn founder and creative director, Tracey Hayim

Mother of four, creative arts facilitator, potter and graphic designer, Tracey Hayim, founded live Love Learn in 2007.

Tracey launched and facilitated after-school art classes at a Maroubra primary school  Mount Sinai College. There, she facilitated painting, pottery, drawing, printing and mixed media workshops. Children were free to experiment with many mediums, giving them the confidence to explore the world of art.

From designing mosaics to launching pottery classes

Tracey’s initial interest in teaching was piqued when her eldest daughter Samantha started Primary school. This inspired her to design a mosaic at the school’s entrance that today takes pride of place. Soon after, the school offered Tracey a part-time role facilitating weekly pottery classes. Afternoon art classes followed soon after, becoming so popular that in late 2006, Tracey’s new business, Live Love Learn, was born…

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Tracey’s ongoing passion for pottery, graphic design, art and yoga inspired her to build Live Love Learn.

The business now offers a broad range of creative workshops for kids, teens and adults