Why do you do what you do?

I love connecting with people, creating art and using recycled materials, so the opportunity to teach gives me the platform to combine all my passions.

What message/intention do you want to leave in our world?

We are constantly given the message that our world needs us to care for it now more than ever. Art and the creative thinking process gives us the opportunity to ask questions and deliver a message. We are now called to account for our actions and open our minds to decide our future. As a young person growing up in this time of global warming and uncertainty about our future I hope that I can tread lightly on the earth, consume less and support others in my generation to do the same.

What modalities do you express yourself with?

In my work I like to use the materials that come to me effortlessly, I use collage or recycled materials to give new life to old things and draw attention to the beauty in objects that may have been discarded.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The world around me usually provides me with all the inspiration that I need. My inspiration can come from the mundane and every day man made objects as well as nature and the bush.

What experience do you have with the arts? eg art classes, hobbies and interests?

I am currently pursuing a degree in Visual Arts at NAS, however both my parents are creative and my grandparents on both sides of my family were artists in various media so art has been in my life from before I was born. When it runs in your blood it seems that everything I do is embedded with creativity.