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Reawaken Your Inner Child


Mother and Child Bonding

Children are naturally creative. Painting, making things, and acting are ways in which children make sense of the world around them. Creativity also stimulates their imaginations and helps to develop a wide set of vital life skills. But at Live Love Learn, we don’t think kids should get all the fun! We hold regular parent and child workshops that feed imaginations for young and old in an inspired, fun and stress-free environment. Our Team Mum-and-Me Workshop was recently included in a round-up of the best creative courses by Bupa Life Insurance in their article, ‘Express Yourself with These Creative Courses’.

This unique, collaborative workshop provides an amazing space for parents and kids to connect in a creative and inspiring environment. With elements of nutrition, yoga and art, Team Mum-and-Me is the ultimate creative, bonding experience.

At Live Love Learn, children and adults can let their imaginations run free, exploring many different artistic and creative disciplines and working with a wide variety of media. Experienced, qualified artists and teachers offer an extensive range of after-school classes and full-day workshops on the school holidays, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe and secure environment doing things they love and making new friends.

Those who attend Live Love Learn courses get the opportunity to participate in a huge variety of creative activities including drawing and painting, drama, pottery and ceramics, dance, craft, cooking and baking! Through making collaborative artworks and constructions children learn to share with others and work as part of a team, and shy children will become more confident as their contributions are recognised by the rest of the group. Your child can have fun exploring interests and talents they didn’t previously realise they had, and will gain a huge sense of achievement from seeing the finished results of their efforts.

The program is devised to be as stimulating as possible, with no two sessions being the same; one day they could be tie-dyeing, the next making clay masks or building a castle out of Lego!

If you’re interested in developing the ways your kids can express their feelings and relate to others, as well as building analytical and decision-making skills and improving concentration, check out the schedules classes and course we’re currently offering.

Joining your child as the embark on their creative journey could be one of the biggest favours you will ever do them. At Live Love Learn, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to make the most of it.